About Midea UK & Ireland

Having achieved over 20% market share in Europe by 2017, Midea, the world’s largest air conditioning manufacturer realised that further growth was going to be difficult, especially in countries where the status quo had remained relatively unchanged. This was specifically true in the unique UK market which needed a strategic offering that wasn’t based on price alone. Midea understood the reluctance of UK installers to change manufacturers, due to a fear of poor support and after sales and the apparent need to meet
alternative brand targets, believing this will support the competitive tender for pre-specified business.


To overcome this reluctance Midea UK made the commitment to helping its customers not only win new business but retain business if they help to support and encourage the long term care of our products.
This was achieved by the introduction of the Mi Pro Partnership Program which rewards certified FGAS installers for installation and commissioning of the systems as well as the ongoing service and maintenance. Periodically maintaining the products after a professional FGAS installation not only offers the end user the lowest possible long-term running costs but also significantly reduces the wear and tear of the equipment’s key components.
This is backed up with an end user warranty of up to 10 years – the market’s longest – for regularly maintained systems.
As well as all Mi Pro Partners being awarded the maximum piping length refrigerant contributions @ £/¤25/Kg, Mi Pro Rewards are given for every registered installation and end user service agreement.
With the recent introduction of two ‘industry first’ product ranges – the air to water heat pump and 3 pipe heat recovery VRF – and a host of other benefits including offering up to a 10 year warranty, there really isn’t a better time to become a Mi Pro Partner.

“We have witnessed some fantastic success stories in helping Midea become the fastest growing manufacturer of air conditioning products supplied into the UK. The Mi Pro strategy we introduced in 2017 is unique, and constantly evolving in line with the market feedback we have from our partners and this is helping us find new ways of developing our brand. The core purpose of our strategy will not change and that is to ensure the Mi Pro incentive for our partners and the end user delivers the best possible long-term care of our products. This simple after care partnership ensures our equipment provides the lowest possible energy use for the longest period of time and this significantly lowers the risk of equipment failure – this is a win-win for Midea, the professional installer, and the end user. A true business partnership that is right for everyone not just the manufacturer”.

Steve Robinson, General Manager, Midea UK & Ireland