Why Mi Pro?

Mi Pro offers a truly responsible approach to air conditioning ownership. It offers the UK market a solution that is not just right for Midea partners but is also a stand out choice for the end user.

All trained Mi Pro installation partners must be FGAS certified and can offer up to a 10 year warranty and support the longest maintenance contracts. They can also deliver premium efficiencies from our unique maximum pipe length refrigerant contribution scheme.

Our partnered message to every end user is clear: If a Mi Pro trained partner installs your equipment correctly, commissions the systems professionally and takes care of them efficiently, you will gain the markets longest warranty and best life cycle costs.

How to become a Mi Pro Partner

Mi Pro Partner Website 

As a Mi Pro partner you can collect Mi Points on any Midea equipment you purchase and correctly register for warranty.

You can use your points for:

• Discount on your future Midea orders*
• Business contributions to support mutual growth**

* Up to a maximum of 25% on any order.
** A minimum of 100 points is required before redemption and all points must be claimed by the end of the year (December 31st)

Visit our partnership website to find out more.