BreezeleSS+ Wall Mounted

BreezeleSS+ Wall Mounted
Midea’s innovative BreezeleSS+ wall mounted range uses the world’s
first TwinFlap™ technology with 7,928 mini-hole matrix. The matrix
softens the airflow so you can barely feel it, leaving you comfortably
cool without any unpleasant blasts of cold air. Benefiting from an
energy efficiency rating of A+++, the units have a ‘boost mode’ to
cool your space in just 40 seconds.


BreezeleSS+ Effect
BreezeleSS+ is equipped with TwinFlap™. The two opposite
flaps, with 7,928 micro-holes are designed to turn the airflow
into thousands of tiny particles of cool air, softening the
airflow to eliminate the feeling of cold air blasts
Side Outlet
BreezeleSS+ is the first and only split air conditioner with “side
outlet”. The S-Wing design allows for outlets on two sides of
the unit to work along with the front outlet to disperse cool
air. This helps the Breezeless unit to cool down the room
more evenly and effectively than conventional air
Self Cleaning Outdoor Unit
At the end of each operation the outdoor unit fan will run in
reverse, removing dust to improve efficiency and reduce
wear and tear.
Rapid Cooling
With ultra-high inverter compressor operation speed (65Hz
within 6s), ultra-fast fan, and ultra-wide air outlet (70mm),
Breezeless can rapidly decrease the room temperature
within 60 seconds.
Economic Mode
This function allows you to enjoy comfortable conditions
with significant energy savings in Economic mode vs.
Automatic mode.
Filters and Self Cleaning
The filters eliminate bacteria, viruses, allergens, dust and bad
odours. The self-cleaning function eliminates condensation
water and expels bacteria.