AG Xtreme Save - Wall Mounted

Sleek and Elegant Design
A semi-curved and streamlined exterior that will fit into any interior.
Display set temperature or room temperature on indoor unit at the
touch of a button
‘Follow Me’ Sensitive Cooling
Keep the remote close to you and it will measure the temperature around
you and adjust comfort levels accordingly.
‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode
‘Do Not disturb’ mode will switch off the LED display and provide a quiet
gentle breeze whilst you sleep.
Energy Saving Technology
A highly efficient inverter system and iECO energy saving technology
make this air conditioner very economical to run.
Dual Air Purification System
Dual filters remove impurities from the air and detect and neutralise
dust, pollen and odours, giving you cleaner, fresher air.
Optional Multi Function Control Board
Offers volt free switching from third party controls and a fault status
output. It also allows the range to be integrated into a Midea central
controller or to be controlled via a Midea 2 core hard wired controller.
APP Remote & Voice Control
Control the air conditioner and set timers easily through the App on
your smartphone.
Voice Control available by Alexa & Google Assistant.
Self-cleaning Outdoor Unit
At the end of each operation the outdoor unit fan will run in reverse, removing dust to improve efficiency and reduce wear and tear.